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“The music was beautiful, and the performers were remarkable…The audience was enthusiastic, giving the Bouclier duets a standing ovation”

"…We could use many superlatives, so much this young man seems to live his Art in an intensely feeling. I am allowed bewitch, seduce, transport, dazzle by Dimitri and his concert accordion! In each of the performances in which I had the happiness to assist I felt beating the heart of the public, I saw the auditors getting up, transported by the charisma of the interpreter and the noble tones of this fascinating instrument and inequitably underestimated: the concert accordion ! To summarize, the word which comes to my spirit is "Magic". Yes, nothing to add, it is simply Magic!!"

« The revelation of what could be accordion concert »

« Above all, exceptional »

"... Dimitri Bouclier scotch-taped the public, this young interpreter makes his instrument cry, and it isn't a music piece which he interprets but a story which he tells, with a rare sensibility and a talent which is it not less."

" We couldn't dream better that the wonderful duet of the Bouclier's brothers to enclose in beauty the season of concerts at the Abbey.


[...] Old of twenty years, brothers are such a young oak, already solid roots and branches turned to the sky. If violin and accordion often rhyme with east music, the group violin and concert accordion takes the music lovers towards unknown grounds. It emerges that from the communion between the brothers a real heat which calls the respect and invites in the journey ..."

"Julien violinist, Dimitri accordionist of concert a fratrie, a single soul on scene delivered entirely to the artistic Emotion, to the intensity of the sharing.
And whereas both brothers look blindly, the Music rises and confirms what said Platon " and we begin to dream about beauty, about simplicity and about unlimitedness."
The tones of both instruments base themselves, are splashed with reflections of repertory, as if everything was allowed, as if everything was accessible. As if this duet had always existed in the heart of the public, revealed in itself, somewhere between violin and accordion of concert, between Julien and Dimitri"

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